Today’s dynamic business environment requires IT Professionals to be more than technically proficient. Technical professionals possessing “behavioral competencies” create value for the enterprise, promoting alliances with the business units they support.

In order to maximize the cultivation of genuinely positive business relationships, information services staff need to acquire the interpersonal skill set that enables them to earn the partnership.

Traditionally, the technically oriented career path of Information Technology workers has included little or no opportunity for them to develop the kind of “soft skills” necessary for building successful client relationships.

Participating in programs fostering proficiencies in key areas, such as communication skills, active listening, conflict resolution and negotiation, team building, strategic thinking, customer service, consulting skills, management fundamentals and a myriad of valuable attributes should be viewed as a wise investment for IT pros and IT managers who understand the benefits of being perceived as a valued and credible business collaborator.

Equipping the savvy technician, or one wanting to transition into a managerial role, with strategies that empower him or her to positively influence internal clients, resolve conflict, adapt to change, manage time, handle stress, set priorities and promote an enhanced grasp of business processes, invariably benefits the entire organization.

Maximizing performance improvement and transforming adversarial relationships into alliances between IT and its customers is the foundation for the achievement of organizational goals. TRAININGURU offers solutions which not only facilitate the laying of this fundamental groundwork—we facilitate the learning of a comprehensive portfolio of tools, strategies and techniques enhance professional development, while effectively creating extraordinary value for the business enterprise.

John A. Fallone, President & CEO – TRAININGURU


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Traininguru’s Blog

March 24, 2009

Traininguru’s blog discusses business and interpersonal solutions fostering improvement.

Business and people are intimately connected. Successful organizations provide solutions to problems. While technology continues to play a conspicuous role in facilitating ingenious business solutions, the bottom line is that people are the driving force of achievement.

People create and implement the innovative products, services, strategies and technologies that improve life, grow businesses and actualize potential.  

Social Media, as we’ve come to know it, is of course grounded in technology–but it is the millions of people networking–interacting, sharing ideas, opinions and building relationships, who energize this phenomenon–transforming our business and communications landscape.   

Having said that, Traininguru also believes that failure to take into consideration the spiritual component of human endeavors is to tell only part of the business and interpersonal solutions story.  Our existence is no accident. We are here because life itself is part of a Strategic Planning process. 

Spiritual  Perspectives shares elements of what Paul Harvey used to call, The Rest of the Story.

Traininguru  resolves business and interpersonal problems. We identify barriers to sales growth, formulating corrective measures to boost revenues, increase profits, improve customer service, foster employee retention–while lowering operating costs.

America's Leading Biz Dev. Consultant

John A. Fallone - America's Leading Biz Dev. Consultant

John A. Fallone is a Biz Dev. Consultant, marketing strategist, sales executive, turnaround specialist, training guru, motivational speaker, legendary sales manager, copywriter and Founder, President, & CEO of TRAININGURU  http://www.traininguru.comand

THE HUMAN FACE OF TECHNOLOGY  programs and resources call upon decades of knowledge and experience in research, business, education, leadership development, management, training, facilitation, organizational development, psychology and information technology–transforming IT cultures–empowering a more client-focused, (as opposed to technology-driven), technical workforce.


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