April 29, 2009

Firm persistence succeeds over strong resistance. Pressing forward in faith with a dream has more momentum than any stubborn obstacle.


In my April 21, 2009 post, A Connection Between Agility, Learning and Innovation? – – I had listed a few of the barriers to creative thinking and innovation.

The question is, what is the role of executive  leadership relative to facilitating agility, learning and innovation?

For starters, I believe top executives would do well in leading organizations in learning how to:

• anticipate business needs to minimize lost opportunities
• prevent organizational obstacles that inhibit agility
• encourage employee creativity without forsaking efficiency
• reposition human capital to meet pressing needs and challenges
• operate in real time to maximize readiness and improve cycle time
• align workforce activity to support business priorities
• accelerate learning and innovation to lead the market

An even more crucial question is:

What must executive leadership do … or NOT do…to achieve the goal of accelerating innovation…i.e…how may they lead in this endeavor?

Although speed to market is recognized as a key competitive advantage in industrial corporations, there are numerous forces working against this desired dimension; this is especially noteworthy since companies have to be agile to compete effectively in today’s global arena.

Innovation, which is correlated with agility (i.e. improving cycle times for managerial action) is key to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage, yet among the obstacles common to the promotion of creativity and new ideas are:

· Managerial procrastination

· Senior leadership failing to respond to needs of the workforce

· The inability of the workforce to access crucial knowledge and information

· Diminished capacity for managers to create new knowledge and insights

· Management’s lack of competency and aptitude to re-configure resources to fit the challenges at hand

Are the above assertions correct? If not, why?

If so, in what ways may organizations accelerate innovation?

One of the greatest competencies one may possess is the ability to encourage others.Encouragement inspires confidence, hope and is a precious healing agent.

Having the capacity to genuinely envision an individual’s potential — and then to share your belief in the multitude of possibilities they may press on to achieve with a combination of diligent effort, and the help of The Almighty, is a most powerful motivator that can positively alter the course of history for millions of souls.

– John A. Fallone

Transformational Leadership

John A Fallone, Traininguru

John A Fallone, Traininguru

When an organizational culture adopts transformational leadership, Senior Management will more readily connect with employees; assist them in aligning their work in terms of the organization’s overall objectives—resulting in dramatically improved employee commitment, motivation, and significantly increased participation.

Transformational Leaders:

  1. Display convictions, take stands and appeal to followers on an emotional level
  2. Have a clear set of values, are role models, articulate a vision that is appealing and inspiring to followers; challenge followers with high standards; communicate optimism about future goal attainment and provides meaning for the task at hand.

  3. Challenge assumptions, takes risks and solicit follower’s ideas.
  4. Attend to each follower’s needs, act as a mentor or coach to the follower and listen to the follower’s concerns and needs. This also encompasses the need to respect and celebrate the individual contribution that each follower can make to the team

Innovation & Transformational Leadership:

Transformational Leaders stimulate and encourage creativity and initiative in their followers. The vision of a Transformational Leader fosters a climate where it is more than merely safe to contribute ideas; rather, new ideas and their expression are supported.

More on this topic in a future posting…

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Continuously learning,

John A. Fallone

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