Coaching, Training & Social Networking…a True Starr*

April 1, 2009

I’ve recently had the privilege of learning a great deal from one of the most capable, energetic and forward-thinking trainer/ coaches on the scene today.  She is an author, publicist, charismatic  keynote speaker…and guru in her own right.

Her name is * Starr Hall.

Starr specializes in providing training and coaching relative to PR Campaigns,  Media,  Social Networking, Brand Image , Communication…and more.

Her website is

Her blog is a great resource and she is most generous in providing valuable tips, tools and information…FREE!

I’m a proud member of Starr Hall’s VIP Business Building Club

To join for free, go to:

Anyone interested in building a brand …  or taking their business to a new level should check her out.

Her email address is

Caution! Be prepared to be Wowed!

Continuously learning,

John A. Fallone

President & CEO



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