A Connection between Agility, Learning and Innovation?

April 21, 2009

Although speed to market is recognized as a key competitive advantage in industrial corporations, there are numerous forces working against this desired dimension; this is especially noteworthy since companies have to be agile to compete effectively in today’s global arena.

Innovation, which is correlated with agility (i.e. improving cycle times for managerial action) is key to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage, yet among the obstacles common to the promotion of creativity and new ideas are:

· Managerial procrastination

· Senior leadership failing to respond to needs of the workforce

· The inability of the workforce to access crucial knowledge and information

· Diminished capacity for managers to create new knowledge and insights

· Management’s lack of competency and aptitude to re-configure resources to fit the challenges at hand

Are the above assertions correct? If not, why?

If so, in what ways may organizations accelerate innovation?


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