America’s Long-Term Unemployment Situation: The “Inconvenient Truth.”

December 12, 2010

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John A. Fallone: America's Leading Biz Dev Consultant

I recently wrote a piece for Associated Content, discussing the harsh realities facing the long-term unemployed in America today.

Entitled, The “Inconvenient Truth” Regarding America’s Long-Term Unemployment Situation, its subtitle is, What Neither Congress–nor the Media, Are Saying About America’s Long-term Unemployed. You may read it by clicking HERE

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Traininguru is a Biz Dev Consulting firm that solves business and interpersonal problems, specializing in creating simple, yet highly effective business strategies to accelerate revenue growth while reducing costs.

A Dilemma:  In today’s uncertain economic climate, many organizations are facing a dilemma, wondering if they should increase headcount to foster growth and revenue creation. Some are concerned that hesitating to do so may yield unintended consequences, sacrificing a possible competitive advantage if and when the economy begins to turn around. Additional employees can raise costs considerably, especially in connection with training, insurance and other benefits.

Traininguru is able to resolve this apparent “no-win situation.” For a fraction of what it would cost to bring on board even one additional employee, Traininguru’s strategies will increase revenues, lower costs–enabling small and midsized firms to remain competitive–and become more profitable.

Traditional cost-cutting measures employed by businesses can have an adverse impact on employee morale, customer service and sales.

Traininguru will review your organization’s Biz Dev Strategyidentify key barriers to sales growthand recommend the implementation of alternative methodologies that unleash accelerated sales, while reducing costs associated with the former approach to business development. 

For additional information about how to increase revenues, while lowering costs:


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