John A. Fallone

John A. Fallone

JOHN A. FALLONE is a  Biz Dev. Consultant, Marketing Strategist, sales executive, turnaround specialist, motivational speaker, legendary sales manager, copywriter and Founder, President, & CEO of TRAININGURU.

Traininguru specializes in creating uncomplicated, yet highly effective business strategies that dramatically boost sales, accelerate revenue growth—while improving employee morale and reducing costs.

For more than 20 years, John has assisted successful entrepreneurs, CEOs & business leaders implement proven, powerful high growth strategies—while lowering costs, improving employee retention and enhancing customer service.

America’s Leading Biz Dev. Consultant




2 Responses to “About John A. Fallone”

  1. Hello John,
    Several months ago, you invited me to join you as an interim colleague on interim CEO. I was recently going through old emails and found the one from you–it got automatically saved into a file that I rarely open–so I just found it. I really apologize for the long delay. Yes I would enjoy speaking with you, learning more about your business and where we may intersect! I’m based in the Boston area. Are you in CT?

    Best regards,

    Deborah McConchie
    617-596-6663 (cell)

  2. I. Woes Says:

    I’ve read your articles on Associated Content and your many interesting Twitter & LinkedIn postings.

    Keep on inspiring others!

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